Punketry! FYI!

Punketry one year

Hi folks,

Thank you for being a part of Punketry! our monthly feature of four poets performing to improvised psychedelic punk music, provided by Black Market Translation.


Punketry! was started in June of 2017 by Brice Maiurro and Matt Clifford in response to ALOC Media’s event Jazzetry in Boulder, which also features performers reading over improvised music. It is hosted monthly at Mutiny Information Cafe on the second Tuesday from 7:15-9:45p. Unfortunately, we cannot go later than 9:45p as we are immediately followed by a comedy open mic, so please be considerate of time.

Punketry! has featured over 50 poets thus far, both locally here in Colorado, as well as touring performers from all over the United States. We are commonly featured by Westword, and Punketry! has also made its way to Kansas City, Missouri, and featured at many different events including Howl, an evening of poetry, at Boulder’s Fox Theater, and at the Mile High Parley, an annual celebration of underground music and poetry.

Info on performing:

Performers will be given 20 minutes to read poetry. The band will play individual songs to accompany each poem, or you are welcome to keep rolling through and move on to your next poem. We turn the mic up full volume and the band turns down accordingly, but please consider speaking up during your performance, as the unmic’ed drums alone are very loud.

hayden danksy

We want performers to feel this time is theirs to do with as they will. I usually point to Jona Fine’s performance, where they set up a table with tablecloth and for 15 minutes or sat just sat there eating pickles while the band played. This is your space to use as you would like for your art.

In my experience, longer poems work better.

Another thing to note, is if you are done with a poem, give the band 30 seconds or so to wrap up their music. They are not always at the ready to end the song right away.


The band likes to accommodate performers who would like to practice by offering poets to join them during their rehearsals. Rehearsals are usually held at Rocket Space on Larimer Street in downtown Denver. Please contact Matt Clifford, co-organizer and bassist for Black Market Translation, on Facebook to arrange a time to practice.


Punketry has a rotating host, each month chosen by the previous host, with the request that they try to look to people who are familiar with the show and community to host the event.