salt of us, ellie swensson | 20.00 | Purchase | SAMPLE POEM
In her first full-length poetry collection, ellie swensson explores queer love, southern ritual, and social justice through a lens that is exacting, intersectional, and erotic. Her poems widen the definition of prayer and remind us what to pray for. 

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The Jellyfish Dream, Varinia A. Rodriguez | 14.95 | PURCHASE | SAMPLE POEM
In The Jellyfish Dream, Varinia A. Rodriguez explores themes of love, heartache, trauma, wanderlust and magic. Accompanied by the poet’s own photography, The Jellyfish Dream is an incredible debut collection of poetry.

punch drunk anthology

Punch Drunk Anthology 2018, Assorted Poets | $10.00 | PURCHASE
Punch Drunk 2018: A collection of some of the best poetry in Denver, Boulder and Colorado at large, featuring:
Ahja Fox, Alexander White, Alfonso Mango, Amanda EK, Angela Nicole, Anna Vanessa, B. River Witte, Bare Ly, Blake Marcelle, Brice Maiurro, Cat Frances, Catherine V. Carilli, Chelsea Cook, Chris Moore, Cicada Musselman, Daniel Madden, David Welper, Eddy Jordan, Eliza Beth Whittington, Ellie Swensson, Emily Duffy, Eric Ranaan Fischman, Garen Lavendar, Ian R. Dougherty, Jack C. Buck, Jake Riley, Jessica Nieberg, Jessica Rigney, Jill Karno, Jona Fine, Jonathan Power, June Lucarotti, Katherine Atwood Becker, Ken Arkind, Madi Chamberlain, Marcus If, Matt Clifford, Mayryanna, Michael Nowell, Paul Gomez, Pearl Pielsticker, Piper Mullins, Rachael Pollard, Robert Davis, Roseanna Frechette, Sam Albala, Samantha Salter, Sarah Rodriguez, Shane Peterson, Stina French, Susan Alkaitis, Sushia Rahimizadeh, Tara Burke, Toluwanimi Obiwole, Varinia Rodriguez, Wendy Mcmillan, Whitney B.H., William S Bonnie, Zack Kopp


Gathering View, Jack C. Buck | $10.00 | PURCHASE | SAMPLE POEM
In three interwoven chapbooks in one collection, Buck takes us on a walking meditation through football, winter and love, among other thoughts that will linger with the reader long after they set this book down.

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As For The Body: Annotations of an Owner’s Manual, Blake Marcelle
Blake Marcelle explores trauma, addiction and other hard-hitting topics in this first collection of poems. In As For The Body, Marcelle gives an intimate picture of what becoming looks like in a world that often refuses to accept trans and queer folks. Marcelle’s poems are equal parts abrasive and gentle, funny and deeply sincere.


Stupid Flowers, Brice Maiurro | $10.00 | PURCHASE | SAMPLE POEM
Stupid Flowers is the first full collection of poetry by Denver poet, Brice Maiurro. In his poems, Maiurro explores the strangeness in the mundane, whether it be a talking dresser or daydreaming that he is a giant robot. Maiurro smashes together divinity against surrealism against boredom to create a breakthrough first collection. Enjoy the flowers.

Reviews for Stupid Flowers:
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