Stupid Flowers, Brice Maiurro

POETRY | 6X9″ | 144 PAGES | PAPERBACK | MAY 2017 | $15.00

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“So much of this poetry book is absolutely gorgeous, but not in any way that could be remotely considered typical.” –The Book Raven

these poems pull dream from the mundane / these poems battle right and wrong two beers in at three in the morning / these poems are that moment where you just say shit i am like that / or wow i am a cliché / and wow i really really am a cliché / i’m using slashes like i’m a jazz musician or hubert selby jr. or something / these poems are anthem / these poems are love poems for the pain of my friends / these poems are big fish / these poems are impressionist paintings / these poems are bullshit / these poems are that expensive tea with vaguely eastern imagery on the box that says it’s good for anxiety / these poems are kratom or whatever else is cool at whole foods these days / these poems are letters to women i’ve never met / these poems were written drunk on cough syrup / high on road trip / tripping on murakami / these poems are shitty youtube comments / these poems are a call to spiritual warfare / to graceful failure / these poems talk about poems / these poems talk about love / these poems talk about what we talk about when we talk about robots / these poems are texts you send to your friend when you have to send some sort of weird carrier pigeon out somewhere in the universe / these poems are about the best night that you didn’t sleep / these poems are lullabies for insomniacs / these poems are for the warlords / for the manic pixie dream boys / these poems attempt to function as anxiety pills but they are in no way regulated by the surgeon general / these poems are marlboro reds / these poems are newport refries / these poems are music-blasting battles with your neighbors / these poems are putting your childhood dog down / these poems are requiem / and poorly timed nirvana / and the waiting room of life / the living room of death / closet skeletons / angels skanking / dances with wolves / midnight in the garden of good and evil / your best christopher walken imitation / a fist fight with hemingway / a fist fight with frida / a fist fight with the mirror / a charming asshole / that album you fall asleep to / that record that you leave skipping / a city in the middle of nowhere / a tumbleweed crossing the highway / a bebop manifesto / a train wreck / an awkward first date / these poems / are the stupid flowers / that bloom / in the middle of the night / in the middle of winter