Punch Drunk Press is a publisher of poetry located in Denver, Colorado. We publish books, run an online literary journal of poetry, and regularly organize local events. We are passionately committed to promoting and supporting our local arts community and have proudly published poets from six continents.

Punch Drunk Press is poetry, but not the pretentious kind. Punch Drunk Press wore a lot of black in high school. Punch Drunk Press is charmingly self-deprecating, like that barista you used to have a crush on and kind of still do. Punch Drunk Press meditates regularly, kind of. Punch Drunk Press always texts you back. Punch Drunk Press drinks black coffee at 9:17 pm on a Wednesday and argues about Star Wars fan theories. Punch Drunk Press uses gender-neutral language. Punch Drunk Press makes dad jokes, but not in a patriarchal way. Punch Drunk Press falls in love face-first, kisses the sidewalk with fervor. Punch Drunk Press is that gum you like that’s coming back in style. Punch Drunk Press is Denver. Punch Drunk Press is a Midwestern good-bye.

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Punch Drunk Press runs the monthly series Punketry at the Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver, Colorado. On the second Tuesday of each month, four featured poets read poems accompanied by Black Market Translation, an improvised punk band.

Punch Drunk Press’ books are sold at:
Mutiny Information Cafe
Innisfree Poetry Cafe
I Heart Denver Store
Tattered Cover Book Store
Revolution Records Kansas City MO




Sarah Rodriguez is a poet, educator, and the Editor-In-Chief at Punch Drunk Press. Sarah can be found performing and hosting at various literary events in both Boulder and Denver. Her poems have been featured by The Boulder Weekly, Stain’d Magazine, and Spit Poet Zine. Follow her various exploits and selfies on Instagram @sarahstarlight.



Jona Fine is a queer/genderqueer poet, photographer, artist, and performance artist. They live in Boulder, Colorado with their leopard gecko Max and currently work as a book designer for Hachette Book Group. Jona is the founder, editor, and designer of Le Petit Press. They own over 26 bowties and recently drew their coffee table, 1 drawing every thirty minutes for 25 hours straight.

Brice Maiurro New Saturated


Brice Maiurro is the founder and remains an advisor to Punch Drunk Press. He published his first collection of poems, Stupid Flowers, through PDP in 2017 and now runs South Broadway Ghost Society, an online arts journal. You can follow them on Instagram at @sbghosts.

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