pre-order salt of us by ellie swensson

Punch Drunk Press is proud to announce our next book, salt of us by ellie swensson. ellie swensson is a vibrant Denver community organizer and a wild and tender poet. In her first full-length poetry collection, swensson explores queer love, southern ritual, and social justice through a lens that is exacting, intersectional, and erotic. Her poems widen the definition of prayer and remind us what to pray for.

Pre-orders for the book are available now through GoFundMe!


$15 for a copy of the book, to be picked up at the release party, or elsewhere locally.
$5 for shipping in the US

Follow us on Facebook for more information about the the cover art and release party in early Fall.


”salt of us is a prayer book for queer folk. It shakes, undulates, weeps and celebrates like we are at the after-party of the revolution, where all walls and closets have been smashed and the brilliant beautiful queer folk, amongst one another so safely, are finally able to sing their hearts whole-heartedly . . .”

Jeanette Powers, poet, editor, and community organizer from Kansas City, and author of Victimless Crime (Outlandish Press, 2019)



ellie swensson is a queer southern ex-pat currently writing poems in Denver, CO. She earned her MFA from Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in 2015. She is the founder and co-director of Bolder Writers Warehouse, a mobile writers’ community resource. swensson is a firm believer that poetics is what occurs where eros, divinity, and careful craft intersect. Her poems are published in a handful of places you may know, but she prefers her words alive in the mouth and the body.

Featured Image by Annie Spratt


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