“It’s Early on Bastille Day and I’m Wondering” by Claire Garand

It’s Early on Bastille Day and I’m Wondering

if there is even a parade, though I can smell
the crepes, nutella, wine; but I hear nothing.
Today is a circle, starting quiet
ending quiet too.
I found you sitting near a bubbling fountain,
I found myself, before, by man-made streams,
we saw each other watching steady water
from dry land, and walked back through
the mass, back where the people stirred
back through the veil of many, past the pastries
now stale and now half priced and now ours,
so happy in our hands, and I leave melancholy.
You wore a yellow dress tomorrow in the street
and it was quiet, oh so quiet when we meet.

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Claire Garand has been writing poetry ever since she could dictate
words to her mother. She has an affinity for sonnets but has finally
branched out to sonnets that don’t rhyme (and even some free verse). She
received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in filmmaking from the University of
Colorado Boulder and continues to work with visual poems as well as
written ones. She also writes screenplays and short stories. Claire’s poems
are focused on her personal life and experiences and she hopes the
intimate nature of them is what can ultimately speak to her audience. Claire
currently lives in Newmarket, NH.

Featured Image by Grace Ho

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