2019 Letter from the Editor

To the readers, contributors, and supporters of Punch Drunk Press,

Thank you. 2018 was such a rewarding year for our small press. Highlights, which are too numerous to fully recount, include the release of books by Blake Marcelle, Jack C. Buck, and Varinia Rodriguez. We also released the first-ever Punch Drunk Anthology, which published the works of over 50 Colorado poets. In April, we celebrated our first birthday at with Punchapalooza, a fundraiser and all-day showcase of tons of local talent. Our monthly event Punketry also celebrated its first anniversary this year, as well as a first face-off with rival series Jazzetry at Punketry vs. Jazzetry. There were several special editions of Punketry, including at the Temple Tantrum Festival and the Annual Mutiny Parley.

On our online poetry journal, we have published poets from 6 continents. We take pride in publishing work that is urgent, fresh and supporting diverse voices. Our second Annual Featured Women Writers Contest received countless quality submissions, and the 2018 winners were Katie Marie Carlton, Flower Conroy, KT Herr, and Marthè Ndongala. We closed out the year with selections from guest editors ellie swensson and Emily Duffy of the Bolder Writers Warehouse.

2018 was so spectacular, and we are here to tell you that 2019 will also be amazing and full of joy. An early hint at what is to come is to be on the lookout for a submissions call for the second annual Punch Drunk Anthology and for an announcement about new contests for the online journal. We are also always searching for new opportunities to spread Punketry with Black Market Translation to the world at large. Punch Drunk Press is also always expanding our collaboration with other local and national artists, publications, and collectives.

Again, thank you. We love you. We hope to see you soon.

With sincere gratitude,

Sarah Rodriguez
Punch Drunk Press



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Featured image by Andre Benz.


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