“Dreams and Vanishing Acts” by Rishitha Shetty

Petals in absurd arrangement
eyelids wrinkled
I’m confectionery, I hide real
words in draining flavor

Flight is for light bodies
dragonfly in my bones-
my shorn wool weightlessness
I, gravity bird,
foot prints talon shaped,
arms, cavities to be fitted with wings,
I’m carved out for festivities,
bearing goodwill and gifts.

On a chekhovian park bench,
cherry trees like slapdash color,
I have patches under my arm
where I write questions.

I’ve mastered the art of disappearing
into still places,
like the emptiness between conversations,
like noise reflected on cardboard
There is a corner of the sun
where I flutter my hair,
Here, I fly.
The broken bottle of perfume
pink ribbon river on sterile
white floor, and
my presence in chipped off
gold lettering

I’m the ebbing tide on lilac sea:
the ship and the poet will
let me sit under the hull.

The hull, like weightlessness,
like my bones on the edge of a lip.

The air makes sucking sound
as it swallows my skin.
My anklets spill secrets
into leaves and
Into wild gardens
my shape
like a row of
orderly plum trees.


Rishitha Shetty lives in Bangalore, India. She aims to capture the intermingling of Indian tradition and modern life through her poems. Her poems have appeared in several literary magazines like Califragile, Isacoustic , The Wild Word, etc. She is a member of Bangalore Writers Workshop.


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