“GRINDR” by Blake Edward Hamilton

All fours – spread wide – backyard fence – deep crawl shudder – pain mouth – blank status – HIV for fun candy – false happy – picture sun warped showing half sides – assholes for morning sun – wake up HOW HUNG ARE YOU – swallow – leash growing reject dog bowl int he corner – feral leap – moon shards in the forest – I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT; NO ONE’S GOING TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO – husbands with thirds and fourths and adopted daughters playing on peeling kitchen floors – poly skating jizz – cum (dumpster) – terms of endearment – through delete love though pics through more pics through not so much through anonymous through understall action through wife’s not home through kids are away through cut/uncut through fat shaming through toned through average through public through backseat through gonorrhea leak through haha Drag Race is my favorite through GAY PRIDE through vomit because going down going down going down going down going down going down going down too far on your throat map – gagging for no breath no breath nothing – sucking/ suck. What do you have to be proud about.


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