Untitled by Julian A. Garcia


The type that don’t fix typos
Wrote on paper I’m later burning
On the verge of bursting
I know it all will hurt me and that don’t help to say

I have hell to pay
A one man cavalcade
Dwells in yesterday
At least one time I died yesterday

I thought I thanked you yesterday
You must not have heard me
Read your wrist and spelled out mercy
We both spent too much time observing


Julian Garcia

Julian A. Garcia makes rap music through an outlet called CFX Project that started out with him rapping, then eventually producing the instrumentals as well, and has now evolved into a full live band. It’s extremely tight; everything has happened exactly how he envisioned, and he loves what he’s doing and everyone he has to build with. He plans to drop a new body of work hopefully in November titled Hit Eject. The whole album was recorded in the basement at Seventh Circle in a room he and the homies converted into a vocal booth. He owes a lot to everyone involved with the space – that’s home.

Featured image by Claudia Aran

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