“Songs of Solomon 2” by Katie Marie Carlton


He reaches to feel me wet with dew;

finds the blood of sacrifice

and mistakes it for wine (but it’s iron-rich, and sticky, and thick, and sweeter than any wine could challenge).

I see God
and He draws close the curtains of Solomon
Wrapping us in pitch till even shadows flee for the dark.

Dark woman of women,
with chimes of bangles
and silver cut moon
dripping from your neck
between pomegranate

redder than my cheeks
flushed rose
in scarlet shame.

Legs spread like palms. Hosanna!
any other lover puts a hand through the opening
and my innermost

his tongue is drooling wine
his fingers are stained pomegranate pink
his chest glistens with blood
sap (Judas).



Katie Marie Carlton is a weirdo black girl poet residing in Denver, CO. Her eke-name,
her mystic Sasha Fierce, is Ever-Lee G—in awe of the epic resilience of Ever Lee
Hairston and the strong women who flow through her own blood. Ever-Lee G’s poetry
indulges in obsessions, is radically truthful, icky and sexy. As a senior at the University
of Colorado at Denver, her major has shifted from musical theatre, to journalism, to
social work, to English education, and now creative writing to accommodate her
overwhelming love for connecting, sharing, and empathizing that drew her down each
academic path. Busy changing her mind, you can’t read her work any where but her
journals and professors’ Dropboxes yet. She is currently at work on her first full
collection, Yellow Fever, and illustrating a picture book. You can connect with her on
Instagram @km_carlton where she posts her face, photography, mood boards, and
woo-woo ponderings. Upcoming, you read more from her at ever-lee.com.

Featured image by Clem Onojeghuo

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