“Who Left Who” by Flower Conroy

Who Left Who

Which is worse—trying to be funny & not
or not trying & being? At Joe’s funeral

when Larry said, “Always, always be
prepared to go to a dark place,”

& I said, “I guess I’ll never see
that 20 Joe owes me,” wasn’t that

what Larry meant? Yesterday, outside
the Chuck E. Cheese’s, a woman

said to her husband, “You wouldn’t be happy
if they hung you with a new rope,”

& I thought of your silk scarf—that,
from a distance looked like Escher flowers,

but upon closer inspection revealed itself to be
angels engaged in various sexual positions—all

spread legs & wings. When you stopped
saying, “That dress would look better

on the floor,” I knew we were going the way
of the dodo. Haven’t I tried not to think

about you only for you to pop-up
like an ingrown hair in my dreams?

Can you imagine being crushed
underfoot by an elephant? Poor Joe.

Poor poor Joe. For Christ Sake it was a zipper-
up-the-front green sequin go-go dress.

I couldn’t have been more faithful
when I was unfaithful to you.


Flower Conroy Punch Drunk Press’s third Featured Woman Poet this August! She is the author of the chapbooks Facts About Snakes & HeartsThe Awful Suicidal Swans; and Escape to Nowhere.  Her poetry has appeared in American Literary ReviewPrairie Schooner, Gargoyle and other journals. She is the current Poet Laureate of Key West. 

Featured image by NASA

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