“Wearing White” by Marthé Ndongala

Wearing White

We closed our legs together and watched as rivers ran from the space between us.

This was the night of the waning moon and you watched as the stars became inflamed and began to fall from heaven. Bringing my hands to the sky I touched the underbelly of existence and felt the water break free from levies and begin to drown us. I saw you turn away. Saw the water run red and looked down to see the blood stained between. Tried to hold you as the darkness seeped in, you were my only light left in this existence. But I was no longer innocent and wanting means having to wash your soaked sheets and cleanse your dying body in sunflowers and lavender beds. The blood kept running and you with it leaving me to crash between waves and call for my mother as I returned to her womb. There was stillness in these waters and as I lay here held by silence and time, I bent my back praying in old tongues hoping to reverse this spell and bring me back to the surface. I fell slowly into darkness hearing the calls and cries of my children lost long ago at sea. My white gown flowing freely from my body wearing the stains of my humanity as a peace offering and then as a sign of war. The stars have now reached these waters and my world is engulfed in fire and metal. I hear as the waters begin to recede finding home in another body. I am woman in my nakedness but I still hold you in my form. I walk away from the place that buried me and note the call of morning take way. It took me less than three days to rise from your grave.


Marthé Ndongala is Punch Drunk Press’s first Featured Woman Poet this August! She is a local creative residing in the Denver Metro Area. She works with various non-profit organizations teaching disenfranchised youth about writing, self love, and identity in the diaspora. Some of the organizations she has partnered with include Denver Children’s Home and SlamNUBA.  Born in Congo, Kinshasa Marthé believes in incorporating African identity in modern society by means of literary expression, videography, photography and other artistic expressions.  When she isn’t working with children, you can find her reading, painting, and learning Italian.  You can follow Marthé on instagram @m.t.nd.  Currently, Marthé is constructing her own brand as well as self-publishing a body of poetry titled Making Kindle Wood with My Mothers Legs.

Featured image by elizabeth lies

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