“the lost art of passing notes in class” by John Franklin Dandridge

the lost art of passing notes in class

They found each other in a group chat
online in their classroom right after
she broke up with her boyfriend
whose phone just wasn’t smart enough
and his girlfriend left him for a long distance
relationship that more fit her profile
So with both their in-boxes emptied out
they fell in love upon noticing they both used
the same font and the ring tones on their phones
were recycled from the same site of pop tunes
They soon sent photos back and forth
discovered they had friends
with the same user names
Two days of texting led to x’s and o’s
at the end of electric sweet nothings
whispered in italics
But during lunchtime they had problems
talking over tables
as neither could keep a clear signal
She wanted to meet him after school
after the bell rang
long after the buses rolled away
behind the baseball diamond
where they’d share their first kiss
But his battery died during recess and her
instant message never reached him on the playground



John Franklin Dandridge received his M.F.A. in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. His chapbook, Further Down Rd., was published in 2010 by Fast Geek Press. He has poems published in past issues of Callaloo Journal and Former People among others. Franklin lives and writes near the North Pond in Chicago.





Featured image by Michael Prewett

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