“Meet Me on the Moon” by Matt Clifford

Meet Me on the Moon

If I took the heart from my chest
Used it to break the mirror
Could we start over?

If we started over
Would he still be here?
Could we forget what happened?
Would it happen again?

I am going back to bed and thinking of you
How do you sleep at night now?
What city are you in?
My dreams were fucked up before you and still are
I learned not to hope for change when you aren’t ready to do the same
Making demands isn’t for partners it’s authority
I had a mother and moved away from her
Found myself alone and cold
Full of reflection
Quiet and truthful
Followed, gone
Why is it so goddamn noisy in here
Why won’t they shut the hell up out there
Why are my breaths so heavy
Why do you keep saying everything is fine
They were friends of mine
Oh you were the best one
Willed hold yes close
Make it hurt
Together turned melted equal loss
It was our time
Always be
Thought to see
It was a fine line to be quick and careless by
We did it mmmwell until we didn’t
We fell
Not from love but from consequences
Not from paradise from safety
And where did we go?
I can’t answer that for you

The snap is inevitable
If you break something it will live broken
Biology doesn’t evolve in revelations
I have to exist like this
When I die I’ll feel finally as I did that day
Blood standing oxygen at a moment’s attention
Exhausted blank by the emptiness filling
Waiting for the next energy to revitalize
a stream of signs into meaning string a series of kisses lower
I am hit

There are cuts and healing
A portal to touch the pain
Scratch on the surface of regret
I remember feeling pure and wish to dismiss these trespasses
I wish that I didn’t

There is escape but you never get away

My face is wider than when I was younger
The world has gotten smaller
Normalized passion into addiction
I refuse to come down

Meet me on the moon


Matt Clifford is a poet and musician living in Denver, CO. He makes a lot of noise and responds well to flattery. He is 1/3 of a band called Black Market Translation. They play improvised punk music that vibes well with poets and you can watch if you want to. It’s called Punketry. For more Matt Clifford trivia, please visit mattclifford.org.

Author Photo by Matt Diss of ALOC Media

Featured Image by Hoàng Duy Lê

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