“New Moon Love Poem / Full Moon Love Poem” by Sam Albala

New Moon Love Poem

dancing to the Smashing Pumpkins
on a summer’s evening
stopped loving you then

because you don’t love me like the air could

looking up at the black sky
signaling new beginnings

giving up too soon
just for the sake of it

on nights like this
it is warm enough that existing alone is pleasurable

the stars all compete for attention
against planets and airplanes
tides are pulled

while I scream at my youth
turning a penny in my pocket
because it is easy to start over
when you feel on top of the world


full of light

with a sky
and hopeful


Full Moon Love Poem

made a wish on the moon tonight
she was held by loose gray curls of fog


her brightness
continually trying to break away
looking for a line smart and kind enough


not trapped exactly
but not able to stop what is around her


we look back at one another
in love to some degree
with something we don’t understand


I blew her a kiss
snuck into my own bed

radical self care

writing down my desires
not sure if I am craving the right options


tuck them under my pillow
and dream
while she sings the night away


she can’t promise me anything
but at least I know she was listening


Sam Albala is east coast meets just-past-mid-west-coast poet. She has a horizon habit, and is not ashamed to show you while saying “phones are not real life.” Sam loves when things are dark: her coffee, chocolate, music . . .  To see not-real-life horizons find @keepmindscreative on Instagram, or to read more words, visit samanthaalbala.contently.com.

Featured image by Gianni Zanato

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