“Double Planet Night” by Ruth Berman

Double Planet Night

Tidelocked, the Double Planets
Face each other
Hanging forever in each other’s sky.
One waxes as the other wanes.
No nights are dark, though nights are long,
Each half the month.
At dusk when coming opposite the sun
The crescent brightens and grows plump.
The stars in the twin skies are dimmed beside it.

Tidelocked, the Double Planets
Face away from one another.
Their nights are dark and long.
Some make pilgrimages round the world
To see the moon rise heavy in the sky
And set behind them in their circumnavigation.
Children dig holes in their backyards
To try to make a tunnel through the globe
And crawl out, head down,
On the moonlit sky.
Some doubt the existence of this fabled wonder
On the far side of the world.

The sky turns above them,
Bringing all the stars.


Ruth Berman’s work has appeared in many general and literary magazines and anthologies. Her novel, “Bradamant’s Quest,” was published by FTL Publications. She was one of the contributors to “Lady Poetesses from Hell” (Bag Person Press Collective).

Her translations of two fairy tales by 18th century writer Louise Cavelier Levesque, “The Prince of the Aquamarines” & “The Invisible Prince,” were published by Aqueduct Press (Seattle WA); and of “Trilby” and other fantasies by Charles Nodier by Black Coat Press (Encino CA).

She is a past winner of the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s Rhysling and Dwarf Stars awards.

Featured image by Andrea Sonda

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