“Searching for Moonbeams” by Bryan Utesch

Searching for Moonbeams

Searching for moonbeams
climbing endless stairs
to open aired rooftops
where inhaling deep breaths
becomes romantic
in some mysterious way.
Pulled towards an irresistible shining
light warming an inner comfort
by gazing  

in your silhouette

folding stars.

I fall
brighter than ever
and burning faster than a blink
is able to miss

to listening laughter



in the space between

to the unplugging cork
of thought
and steadfast tree spirits
flowing out,
trying to catch a simple second
of passing eyes and  
glancing happenstance
where butterflies linger
And sweet nectar flows.
*       .        *      .        *
Yesterday was the longest  
day of my life
and possibly
my first,
for everything
is meaningful
as it gets later,
and later on  
I cannot sleep.
for another yesterday
with you.


Bryan Utesch grew up in the Midwest. His favorite poets are Ezra Pound and Hilda Doolittle. His favorite animal is a mongoose because they are badass and don’t take shit from nobody. He currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. You can read more of his work on his website.

Featured image by Anders Jildén

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