“4 Shitty iPhone Pictures of the Moon” by Jonathan Montgomery

It was a full moon in the summer wilderness

and it seemed like its magic hadta be captured

my arms and hands were too small, too far away
my vision and mind too impermanent, too unshare-able,

but I did have my iPhone

so I pointed it to the sky and pressed the main button
I quickly viewed the photo…

it was… disappointing.

in it the moon didn’t seem to have quite the same umph that appeared to my naked eyes

you couldn’t really see the spots and craters, it didn’t really shine, it wasn’t really even round…

“ick,” I said and took another

somehow that one had no moon in it, it was all just the blackness of the sky, a picture of the inside of my pocket would’ve looked the same

I took another one, it was just a little white blob

“is this me or the camera?!” I wondered and swore, “it’s certainly not the moon’s fault”

I took one last one, I aimed so steady, I turned on the zoom all the way and went, “arrghmooon!”

but it was just a larger blob

“Failure,” I said and gave up

later I took another look at my four shitty iPhone pictures of the moon
was there anything salvageable?

there they were…

a light amongst the dark
all dark
a little light amongst the dark
a larger light amongst the dark

maybe the magic of the moon doesn’t need be captured any more than that
I shrugged

and did not press delete


Jonathan Montgomery
born: 1980 Akron, Ohio
B.A.: Sarah Lawrence College
M.F.A.: Naropa University
books: Taxis & Shit, Pizzas and Mermaid
home: Boulder, Colorado
job: English teacher Front Range Community College
personal site: jonathan-montgomery.com
twitter: @metoopoet

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