“dream sequence” by Ehlayna Napolitano

i will strip off my clothes for the

there is no moon like my moon,
which lays a milky hue of religion
on my limbs. hers, too.

she, escaping, she, removing,
she cleansing,

reform my mouth around my name
like ritual rebirth bound up in
reduction of self. i favor the moon!

in the dark there is
only bodies against dark water against
unseeing as the only feeling,
i could swim and swim and swim and still be
within sight of the shore.

baptism under my dreammother
we collide with her moving image laid across the ocean
and brighten! brighten! brighten!

when i redress,
the night is day and staunch yellows and
freedom pinks have
pastel-colored the world with which
i adorn my body.

the supermarket is drenched in pink
in northern florida where
my best friend grew up. i still have
sand on my legs.
she asks me if i want cereal from
fluorescent-faded boxes. her shoes are
bright blue on


Ehlayna Napolitano is a writer and editor based in Providence, Rhode Island. She currently freelances as a copy editor and reporter. She has been published in Occulum, Moonchild Magazine, and Hynopomp Magazine, and has work forthcoming in formercactus. Her chapbook, “Penelope in the Morning” (tenderness, yea, 2018) was published this year. She is the assistant editor at Dying Dahlia Review. She tweets at @ehlaynanaps and writes at scarletepithets.tumblr.com.

Photo credit: @lcstn

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