“Seven Senryu for Emmett Till” by Scott W. Williams

Seven Senryu for Emmett Till

Mother sends son south
for learning from the old folks

Safe with grandparents.

The boy fourteen flirts?
Did he forget he was a

Nigger in Dixie?

Did Emmett whistle?
Who dared question her claim?

How did the boy die?

Two cut out his eyes.
Two beat and shot and drowned him.

Said, “Justice is done.”

Two White men accused.
Two admitted killing him.

Two were acquitted.

South returns her son
Disfigured beyond belief

Mom shows his body.

White men are both dead.
White woman breaks her silence

She tells us, “I lied.”


Scott W Williams photo

Scott W. Williams poems appeared in The Sunday Review, Coffeehouse Writings From The Web, Night & Day, Peach Mag, Ground & Sky, The Buffalo News, Juniper Poetry, Le Mot Juste, NAM Newsletter and Scryptic Magazine. Recent chapbooks are I Am Many Am I? and Bonvibre Haiku. He edits the Afro-Futurism anthology of poetry & flash fiction, A Flash of Dark.

Featured image by Alfred Leung

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