“you’re missing” by Jack C. Buck

“you’re missing”, from Jack C. Buck’s new book, Gathering View,
available now from Punch Drunk Press.

you’re missing

go my friend
become the shape of a freewheeling unknown river
disguised as a creek
then reappear
so we catch a glimpse of you in ceaseless flow
release yourself from the cycle of incarnation
become another for which you want to be
incrementally always be becoming
do not return this way
save yourself in turn to save the rest of us
after you die the emails and junk mail will keep on coming
go with buddha
go with poem
you’re halfway there
lead the way
more of us will follow in time
relinquish the trappings of our world
you’re really doing it
not yet
come back
we need you


Jack Buck Bio Pic

Jack C. Buck, originally from Michigan, now lives and teaches in Denver, Colorado.

Featured image by Michael Nunes

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