“#1” by Brendyn Beaver


I want you to hold my feet
Touch the scars that reach calf
Take my hands
Touch the scars that reach forearms
Comment on how I’m healing

Now it’s all gone
Nothing’s faded completely
Remove my watch and remind me
We are in that timeless moment
For we have known each other for aeons

Forgive my complaints about
Noises in the flat
Can’t hear intimate whispers anyways
Cup hands over ears
When I’m using mine to hold you

Tug on beard illicit giggle
Remind you’re not scared of me
Never wanted to be intimidating
Tell me to trim my mustache
No one likes eating hair while kissing

Try and remove the knots
From muscles even if
I’m hiding my soreness
even if it only worsens things

Dont be alarmed upon
Me cracking neck
like pez dispenser
When we wake up
Someone almost broke it

Ask me to play music for you
Ask me to read to you
Make fun of me when I don’t
Want to sing


Brendyn Beaver is a recently regenerating degenerate.  A self-limiting free spirit. Brendyn doesn’t have much to tell you about his early childhood that is solid fact.  Brendyn was born at Boulder community hospital. He thinks life was relatively uneventful until he graduated high school in Louisville, a town approximately nine miles south of Boulder according to a diploma.  Somehow he ends up on bar patios talking about some, “Oh I don’t play video games anymore” providing an addict’s self esteem defense of, “I have some still installed” to prove something to himself. while drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.

He first attended university at Northern Colorado where he was dishonorably discharged from Energy Service Corps for not making a Minimum Time Internship commitment and is now barred from AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps.  This position was taken because Brendyn was overly concerned with having a good looking resume.  After that he spent a lot of time chasing his shadows, running from a past that wasn’t even that bad and trying to find some identity.  Eventually started making sense of life and his Boulder roots.  Brendyn lived on and off with his parents until 26.

Brendyn is a musician and incumbent photographer in addition to being a writer.  You can find his music on septemberrainsofficial.bandcamp.com.  He thinks it’s okay he’s not paying for his own web domain since the peoples of present day Connacht put up with being ruled by Normans for so long anyways.  Brendyn has since dropped out of college twice and taken up occupation as a warlock, bard, shaman, and demonologist in addition to his other artistic pursuits.

Featured image by Hermes Rivera

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