I am block party disaster dance chainsaw remix detox devolve revolve revolution monster.

I am societal mutilation recreation break beat sweet shop cancer stick coffin nail smoke breath.

I burn bridge / light fuse / take aim / mirror the mirror / fire the flare / run for cover. Turn to the eyes of running mascara angels weeping.

I pray to my dead friends. I taxi cab into my next life. I die awkwardly middday on the park bench.

I am head full of hornets nests hole in ozone layer I am shorts in snow storm eyes like watermelons.

I am the park ranger of angelic lovelust. I am the patron saint of not giving a shit. I am ten thousand pounds of plastic bottles rising in my rib cage.

I am a shotgun wedding with a ravenous wolverine.

I am so fucking beautiful I cannot stand it and I cannot stand how happy I am.

It’s enough to make me sad sometimes.


Janus Lebron is a young, aspiring poet living in the Bronx. She likes Fun Dip and drinking forties until she turns into the ghost of Jim Morrison.

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