“They Said” by Wendy McMillan

 They Said

Echoing Martin Niemöller

It isn’t our fault, they said.
We won’t be responsible, they said.
She should have known better, they said.
He made his own bed, they said.
They have to learn some time, they said.
Life isn’t fair, they said.
We won’t bear the world’s burdens, they said.

We have to look out for ourselves, they said.


And I said nothing
But lamented my silence
In the pale-faced, lonely echoes
Of the mute and battered moon.



Wendy McMillan lives and writes with her husband and young son in Longmont, Colorado. She earned her Master’s degree in Creative Writing with a Distinction in Poetry from the University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland. Wendy is just getting back into poetry after an extended hiatus offering plenty of opportunity to live life but little to write about it.

Featured image by Donnie Rosie

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