“Shitty Little Cigarette” by Alfonso Mango

Shitty Little Cigarette

I am such a shitty little cigarette.
I am such an overflowing ash tray of indecision.
I am your weird great aunt’s boyfriend who wears a tuxedo t-shirt to church
and leaves during the offering to go jack off in the men’s room.
I am aware that I am a complicit part of everything wrong
but I still move onward through it all like some strange experiment
feet lapping at the treadmill
covered in patch after patch monitoring my dumb fucking heart.
I am a dunce cap turned upside down and filled with Kentucky Deluxe.
I would be blessed to be Kentucky Deluxe to be honest.
I am more Kentucky basic.
I am the shit parts of Kentucky where the liquor stores fill in
for the shutdown laundromats.
I punch holes in the walls of my rib cage.
I laugh at the saddest movies.
I should be careful I don’t get too famous here.
They might just make a sad movie out of me
and I’ll just laugh and laugh through all of it.


Alfonso Mango lives in the gutter but it’s pretty nice there. His drinking problem has a gambling problem. His spirit animal is Frank Sinatra, but like shitty unseen Frank Sinatra. His writing has been featured by Horror Sleaze Trash, poor bastards.

Featured image by Tina Rataj-Berard

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