“Free Time” by Whitney B.H.

Free Time

Sleep study symptoms
I felt
Wires and tubes
I felt
Creep calling; in a nearby room
She’s all intercom and IVs
And I’m just agitated, and filth
My arm- gently held
Scan my limbs for veins, blood doctor
And ask me about my art
Filth again, flirt
And I find myself hair high in electrodes and black-out goggles, crying, constipated, making fun-spiracies
And I find myself into strong women and vulnerable men, listening
And I wasn’t allowed to brush my teeth today,
So doubt the feelings mutual.
And I thought about staying,
For sleep deprivation and cash,
Just to take the bait and get my blood drawn again,
By them.
By him?
By then, I had thought again.
Enough experimentation.


Whitney B.H. is an art therapist in the front range community currently surrounding herself with artistic expression in many different forms including paint, poetry and the art of human connection. Whitney is supportive of local poets and poetic events and finds herself slowly morphing into an almost official poet herself by participating in Beyond Academia Free Skool and being an avid open mic reader in the community. Search @whitneybethbot on Instagram to learn more about Whitney’s art endeavors.

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