“Today I Drew A Robot” by Brice Maiurro

Today I Drew A Robot

today i drew a robot

today i went outside in the rain and i laid flat on the ground in the middle of the street
the rain drops fell down and crashed like cymbals on my eyes i did not blink

today i kissed strangers who walked by the other way on the same sidewalk with just my eyes no lips

today i enveloped the entire energy of the moon through a straw with one holy deep sip inward

today i spoke to someone i wouldn’t have on a day that was not today it was so everything to know that what i was doing was what i was not before

today i swooned for life and his dreamy blue eyes

today i penciled in an appointment for myself and that looked like fifty cent coffee and vegan tacos and a tallboy and then the aforementioned robot i drew

today i was less cruel

less cruel to other humans and what i found to be true in my truth is with this i was less cruel to myself

today i said no to someone i love because i love them

today i was so far from perfect that i almost circled back it was as if i was walking around the world with giant legs the opposite way of the sun and i caught it


today i drew a robot
and i emphasized the imperfect lines
i emphasized the black circles around his eyes
and in his robot belly i drew a television set
and on the television set was just an image of the robot
and i think that maybe it was a self portrait

and maybe i am an artist but we all are

today i stepped down from the crucifix i nailed myself up to and i realized i don’t want to be jesus infamous christ i just want to draw robots and stare up at the rain that stares down at me but just keeps moving

gravity is just lateral motion
into the heart
of the earth
where i long
to be

me me me

Brice Maiurro is a poet from Denver, Colorado. His poetry has been featured by Suspect Press, The Denver Post, and Anti-Heroin Chic, among others. He published his first collection of poems, Stupid Flowers, through his publishing company. You can follow him on Instagram @maiurro.

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