“Postscript” by  Steve Shultz


Sporadically traumatic
this web we leave
sticky sheets

a nervous security blankets us
keeps us warm & fuzzy

sirens dividing our attention

limitlessly timid
these teeth we sink
so tepid

a truthful trepidation sanctions us
leaves us warned & lovey

mirrors interfering with our perception

hollowed out
these eyes
proclaiming to see
so swell

I would be happy
happy to meet you halfway
in the median
on the beaten path
to hell

banging my head
to the rhythm of your
beating heart
because I want to be inside
your intimate most thoughts
scarab-ing around your dreams
not to your desires
no, to your inhibitions
a prisoner to your
metabolic rage

your voice
your voice it sings
a rueful folk rendition
sawing through my harp’s strings

this letter
sincerely signed
your needle-tip pen pal
p.s. there is no fucking postscript


 Steve Shultz currently throws mail for the United States Postal Service. He is a former journalist with The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. He is native to Colorado, born and raised, calling the Mile High suburb of Aurora home for most of his life. He is the author of FM Ghost, his first collection of poetry. His work has been featured in various zines and publications both online and in print. Read more of his poetry at here.

Featured image by Seigar.

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