“Glitter Girl” by H.P. Armstrong

Glitter Girl

She glitters at the edge,
where teeth outline silhouette
the kind of woman who would eat you
with her full presence.

Her diet consists of gilded skin
the way you look when she knows:

You’re afraid of her.

Sustained on fear
she can live for centuries
it doesn’t ever really die.
She doesn’t ever really die.
Fear doesn’t die.

Your life is forfeit
the sightlines turned on you.

She plays the long game—
makes fools of us all,
so many gifts for death,
how relevant quicksand is to your life
to moment her brown eyes take you in.

The undertow sucks you down
you can’t fight it.
Wrists pinched to the waist
a well-meaning cry for help does no good.

You’re swallowed, man.

It started with just the tip,
until your hair disappears
between her pointed front teeth.

submission photo h.p. armstrong

H.P. Armstrong is a writer from Zion, IL, but lives in Colorado for the time being. He is a trans/queer writer who might be a little too nostalgic for Illinois and lives with his wife and two giant cats. His work has appeared in KYSO Flash, Nota Bene, and Plains Paradox. He is an editor for Fishbowl Press and attends Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School.

Featured Image by Robbie Masso. Find him on Facebook, instagram, and his website.

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