Two Poems by Christine Scanlon

I Know a Winter When It Comes*

Like an orgy breaking everything I
Allow my arms & eggs to flail—to unknow
Managed movements of a
Carefully constructed stability. Winter
Weather suspends this babbling when
He says, if I don’t accept the rules of his game, I’m gonna get it
When the thaw comes


In Cahoots/In the Culottes**

More Prozac sharing where
bodies were weighted. There
were 17 rules listed. Is
this the way her pleasure minute-
ly studied? His definition
blushed him. Sunset colored
prick revolution under skin concentrates.


Self-Portrait with hand

Christine Scanlon has a poetry collection, A Hat on the Bed (Barrow Street Press) and work published or forthcoming from, among other journals, Dream Pop Press, Yes Poetry, and Flag + Void.

Featured Image by Robbie Masso. Find him on Facebook, instagram, and his website.

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*This poem is a Golden Shovel which is a poem that takes the end words from one line of another poem. In this case the line is the title of this poem: I know a winter when it comes, from the poem, “Alms” by Edna St Vincent Millay.

**This is also a Golden Shovel and the line: “where there is minute definition color concentrates” from the poem “Sea-Wall” by Sharon Dolin.



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