“Free Bin” by Blake Marcelle

Free Bin

We swap binary artifacts
In the living room,
Trading pretty reckless bits
Of repression drag
That turn into Christmas morning
On our “wrong bodies;”
Fitting corsets to new bloom
Skittle tits
And button fly boxers
To venus flytraps,
Muscle shirts for smooth arms,
Shaving cream for the girls
Who got blue announcements,
Jackson Pollocks on every wall
For the splatter-frames/
Boxes full of boxes/
Cubist queers;
Tracing erasure burns with sharpie,
Calling suspenders “our dapper,”
My old lipstick their “brash sexy,”
My stitches “her new shoelaces,”
His hand-me-down butch-babe button ups
Fit me just right.

Not gay as in happy,
Not queer as in fuck you.
Queer as in kaleidoscopes
Full of broken glass,
As in swagger in every pocket,
As in mascara and muscle,
As in gender-bender paperclips
Picking the locks
On pixie sticks and particularities.

As in glitter on your boots,
As in teach me bowties
And I’ll teach you boyfriends
And we’ll take turns shadowboxing
The toxic masculine bare fisted / borne teeth.

Queer as in asexual fort building,
As in problematic
Is everything but the dogs,
As in made up words for
“God damn! You look good!,”
As in your skin fits,
Borrow mine if ya get cold.

As an invitation
To tell me your real name:
The one invisible inked on the back of your neck
That you’ve read lemon juiced and backwards
In the mirror all those years.

Blake Marcelle is the author of Punch Drunk’s forthcoming second release, AS FOR THE BODY: Annotations of an Owner’s Manual, out this February. For updates please follow Punch Drunk Press on Facebook.

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