“Colloidal Suspensions Are Mixtures of Small Particles . . . ” by David S. Atkinson

Colloidal Suspensions Are Mixtures of Small Particles Dispensed in Gas or Liquids Regardless Whether You Had a Building Permit When They were Made or Not

Once the dollar store started carrying boxes of Jell-O brand lime gelatin it was pretty obvious what we had to do. Bit by bit, we filled the basement. We’d have been crazy not to at those prices, right?

Mind you, it took a lot longer than we expected. We weren’t exactly swimming in cash.Paychecks would come and we’d get an armload, boil up the mix, and dump it down the stairs. Luckily, it was pretty cold down there; we never would have fit the basement in any fridge. Then we waited. It was slow, only maybe ten or fifteen at a time, but it was steady work. The job wouldn’t take forever.

Once in a while we donated plasma to speed things along.

Of course, we had to pull everything out of the basement before we started. We’d have never been able to use grandpa’s hedge clippers again otherwise. The basement was going to be no entry for quite a while. It was dedicated to Jell-O brand lime gelatin from the beginning on.

Did you know they make that stuff out of horse hooves and such?

Anyway, we got it all the way packed eventually. Finish the day I retired. The stuff at the bottom was pretty rotted by then and our house didn’t smell too good anymore. It was full of Jell-O brand lime gelatin though, that was sure enough. I got me a goldfish bowl to use as a diving helmet and breathed through a garden hose, one end left upstairs, and headed down in.

It turned out to be everything I’d hoped it could be.


David S Atkins headshot

David S. Atkinson is the author of “Apocalypse All the Time,” “Not Quite so Stories,” “The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes,” and “Bones Buried in the Dirt.” He is a Staff Reader for Digging Through The Fat and his writing appears in “Literary Orphans,” “The Airgonaut,” “Connotation Press,” and others. His writing website is linked here.

Featured Image by Robbie Masso. Find him on Facebook, instagram, and his website.

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