“The Math Of a Rose ” by Maya Sharma Sriram

The Math Of a Rose

I am seized by an irrational wish—
to compose an ode to the rose.
The odds of my failure, I accept
tend to infinity; yet I persevere.
The geometry defying shape
challenges me; the form of a
well-written verse attracts me.
Teased by the idea of the petals
in the Fibonacci or perhaps in
the Mystical Phi, I am egged on.
I fear, as no handy theorems or
lucid logic ride to ready rescue.
For poetry is much more than
a few angles or French curves.
I shall begin by adding emotions
in an Arithmetic Progression.
So I write of the joy of the bloom,
and the sorrow of the withered bud.
I know I should sprinkle my lines
with clever devices, periodically
like numbers on my meter scale.
So when I talk about the petals
as smooth as silk or of the thorn
that protects its honor, I must
divide these thoughts into neat
stanzas, their ratio being one.
My reader is the unknown x
with whom I seek a relation;
where my poem times x gives
a constant— profound pleasure.
I create a heady mixture, one
of words, thoughts and feelings,
brewed in a delicate proportion.
I know it is a complex matrix
I lead the trusting reader through,
into the land of fuzzy logic
for a momentary glimpse of
a glittering 3D prism.


Maya Sharma Sriram is a writer-poet. Her work has appeared in many journals in India and abroad, including Kavya Bharathi, Brown Critique, Mused Literary Journal, and the anthology Voices in Time, a collection of poems short-listed for the All India Poetry Competition by the Poetry Society of India. She is a winner of the Elle Fiction Award, 2010. She is also the author of the book, Bitch Goddess for Dummies. She lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Featured Image by Robbie Masso. Find him on Facebook, instagram, and his website.

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