“Bad” by Jane Ripley


I wanna be bad
I wanna rip down your mailbox
And trample your tulips

I wanna talk about suicide bombs at the airport
Smoke in elevators
Drive fast cause accidents

But I’m just a hyperactive geek
With split ends and imaginary friends
I wanna be bad
Wear tight black Levi’s with a chain wallet

And an Iggy Pop shirt
Purple eye shadow
Head shaved just for fun
I wanna decorate my pain with nicotine
Death tube hanging from my cherry red lips

I wanna get kicked out of bars
For beating up big girls who told me I was out of line

But I’m just a dip
An upper middle class twit
A pretending bohemian
Bored with Jazz

Yea, I wanna be bad
I want to tear up the asphalt in my Pontiac GTO
Listening to Sabbath on my sub woofer stereo
Angrily supposing you are actually listening


Jane Ripley attended Columbia College in the nineties in Chicago, Illinois
where she studied poetry while pursuing a liberal arts degree. She cut her
teeth performing at places such as The Joy Blue and Estelle’s. She moved
back to Colorado in 2002 and published her chapbook Hot Dog Soup. It is
now in its second edition. She was a regular reader at “So
You’re a Poet” reading, previously held at the Laughing Goat in Boulder, Colorado. She
frequently performs at the “Don’t Yell at Me” event in Longmont, Colorado.
She also writes music reviews for Blogcritics.org. Jane lives in Lyons,
Colorado with her cat, Renegade.



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