Punch Drunk is seeking submissions for its annual print poetry anthology

Punch Drunk Press is currently seeking submissions for its 2018 Poetry Anthology.

The Punch Drunk Press Anthology 2018 will feature poetry exclusively from Colorado.

For each poet, we would like to feature 1-3 pieces. Please submit no more than 10 poems for consideration.

There is no pay for inclusion in the anthology, but all published authors in the anthology will receive a discount on purchasing copies of the anthology for resale.

Please send us the best of your best. The goal of our anthology is to showcase how much talent there is here on the front range, especially as one of Punch Drunk Press’ goals in 2018 is to receive an art grant from the state to help further develop us a platform for art in Colorado.

Please send submissions as an attached .doc document to anthology.punchdrunk@gmail.com

The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2018.

Sarah Rodriguez will be curating and editing this anthology. You can reach her at the aforementioned email address.

Thank you,

Brice Maiurro
Punch Drunk Press


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