“Drowning” by Krystal Tubbs


It’s raining.
The land is wet, soaking, drenched,
it smells of wet dog.
The worms are coming out
crawling from the mud
against the rain.
A death sentence.
It reminds me of
my childhood.
It reminds me
of the time walking
in the rain when I
saw the worms struggling
against days of downpour
and I cried.
I cried because I
could not help them.
I cried because
there was no dry land
in this inland sea.
I picked them up
rush into my house,
a mass of slime and struggle
in my hands.
I run to my mother,
They’re drowning! They’re drowning!
But there is nothing
I can do
because the whole world is drowning.


Krystal Tubbs is a poet based in Lakewood, Colorado.


Featured Image by Jona Fine


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