“Rat Love” by Leona Vander Molen

Rat Love

The person cutting my hair tells me
Their partner has pet rats
A rat recently died
It was looking ill
They talked about vets
Rat healthcare
One day they came home and the
Other rat had decapitated it
They did not know if it
Put its peer out of misery
Or grabbed a postmortem appetizer
If that’s not love I don’t know what is
Where is my someone
Who will eat my entire head
To finally put me out of my misery
And into the ground
Drown me in affection
A burial at sea post decapitation
We would have one hell
Of a wedding night


Leona Vander Molen lives in Spokane, Washington. She is a graduate student at EWU working towards an MFA in nonfiction. She likes having and then writing about sex. She currently has purple/pink hair and no cats. She has been skinny-dipping, but has not held a baby. She thinks she’s too young and attractive to settle down, but really she probably needs to just grow up.



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