“Person I Knew,” by Daisy Vigil

person i knew

i wonder where i stand
if it’s in the place where
the g string used to be
how do you make a song
sound so intertwined
with emptiness
i think about your fingers
and maybe sometimes
i fit between them
but this is where i falter
i’m glad we held hands
despite our disconnect
maybe i’ll see you again
in the bluebonnets
sometimes they are wilted
when my hands shake
i remember cold nights
on the beat-to-fuck orange couch
deciding whether i need clothes
under borrowed sheets near space heaters
there are days when i am incandescent
the bluebonnets fade
like your strings
and your fingers
and how nice it was
to feel things
without being in love


When not teaching kids how to read or making pizza, Daisy enjoys writing about bugs and sad stuff. She has poems featured in the Community College of Denver’s Ourglass Journal and the Mutiny Info Reader



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