until we are gone, by Paul Koniecki

until we are gone

it isn’t sunday’s
fault it has
to carry monday

on its back
like another skiff
or a diffuse

nebula for in
the time it
takes a star

to ford the
river we are
left in life

or death matter
rearranged waiting as
canned fish wait

imagining every weekend
is an ocean
free and open

like the start
of love or
an original myth

swarm of bees
cyclone of arrows
make me a

low bed moving
against my body
in an undulation

i know means
we will run
again or a

never ending ray
of light across
the oceanic emptiness

of a new
week that is
always starting over

until we are
gone and the
box of sardines

on the bookshelf
your children gave
you as a

gag gift weeps
openly for never
having been us

sometimes what comes
between two people
has nothing to

do with the
fish-tins of time
or other men



Paul Koniecki hosts Pandora’s Box Poetry Showcase at Deep Vellum Books in Dallas, Texas. His chapbook, Reject Convention, was published by Kleft Jaw Press and his poems have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies since 1985. Richard Bailey’s film “One Of The Rough” contains several of Paul’s poems and was shown at The Berlin Experimental Film Festival in December of 2016.  He once featured at the Fermoy International Poetry Festival in Fermoy, Ireland and the Kansas City Poetry Throwdown in Kansas City, Missouri. He was chosen for the Ashbery Home School Residency in Hudson, New York. His newest book, “After Working Hours,” is being published by Night Ballet Press.

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