Girls Gone Mild, Art by Sydnie Lee

Sydnie Lee Bio Pic
Sydnie Lee is a mixed media artist and musician in Denver, Colorado. As a child, she survived a serious illness which taught her two things: 1) fight like hell against the odds others stack against you and 2) sometimes you have to go back to the basics in order to heal.
Sydnie’s visual work explores and expresses both of these ideals. In her collages, Sydnie distills images to their elemental form in order to bring them together and create something new. She takes subjects from glossy advertisements and porn magazines and places them in playgrounds of bold color and evocative white space, giving these figures a new agency free from their original context.
The result is work that invites us into subversive stories and innovative possibilities.

“Girls Gone Mild.”  |Analog collage, mixed media | Vintage pornography that takes the original lewd context and places the women in a playground of color.

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