Rita Ann, Two Poems


brought to heel by
policymakers and
department debutantes
with dime store MBAs
she’d been wilting under
the weight of stupid
until the glorious day
she found her strength
in that mission statement
from Balboa
seems she’d hidden it betwixt
the PowerPoint slides and
the orange Tic Tacs
fuck you seems
a fine farewell speech
for a woman unchained;
now to set the date
and punch the pundit
one simply can not
walk away without
putting the tea set
back in its proper place,
can one?



until the last clown leaves
she’ll be frightened
she hates those fuckers


Rita Sanders Bio Pic

Rita Ann is a survivor, a comforter, a friend, a bitch and an aging warrior. A wife, daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. A woman still working it out. A lover of life. A lover of words. She writes because she has too many words to keep inside. She writes because releasing them frees her soul to move forward until the next time they flood her mind. The words above are as close a bio as she’s ever been able to create. The list expands because she keep changing. Oh, and there’s the foul-mouthed thing . . .


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