Jack C. Buck, Excerpts on Baseball #6-10

Game 6:

Baseball really has a way of making you feel special by throwing you in a trunk, filling your shoes with cement and chucking your body into a large body of water.

Game 7:

Forget about the team’s losing streak by crawling into bed to contemplate the annual migration patterns of the monarch butterflies.

Day Off:

No game today so out of boredom I decided to subject myself to a stale candy from the gas station down the street.

Game 8:

Time passes as time should pass,

Slowly, unassailable in its position

Onto the 15th inning, still tied

Game 9:

Sort of like when the aggressive car tailgating behind you switches lanes an annoying amount of times, speeding ahead, going through a bunch of yellow lights they aren’t legally supposed to be accelerating through, but then you casually no-big-deal catch up to them 5-10 minutes later and he realizes it and has that face on him.

It feels like that.

Game 10:

Everyone is just here for the chance of winning the 50/50 raffle


Jack Buck Bio Pic

Jack C. Buck lives in Denver, Colorado, where he teaches 4th grade. He is the author of the book, Deer Michigan, a collection of 62 flash fiction stories. You can reach him on Twitter @Jack_C_Buck.

Photo credit: Jason Greashaber.

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