La dee frickin da, by Alfonso Mango

la dee frickin da
the refrigerator done did died
the ex-wife remains the ex-wife
i haven’t seen the carpet since christmas
and i haven’t celebrated christmas since jesus
and i haven’t praised jesus since grade school
gum under the pews
thinkin bout magazines
thinkin bout fishnets
thinkin bout how slow time creeps along
like a peg leg stalker
but that’s all then
this is now

the era of ladeefrickinda

where you can share your opinion
like a thanksgiving turkey
but all that’s gonna come of it
is it gets eaten up
and maybe you knock a fucker out
for an hour or two


trashbag eyes arms like dead snakes
children running through the superfund playground
radiating less like monroe and more like a death plant
and someday they too will grow up
to live the life
maybe in this dirtbag apartment
moldy gym socks and unopened letterbox



Alfonso Mango is a degenerate old man living off of Flamingo in Vegas. He spends his free time drinking Steel Reserve and yelling at god for not paying his rent. He would like to thank his three fans for supporting his literary journey.

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