The Ballad of South Broadway, by Matt Clifford

If the well-to-ne’er-do-er did um neighbor
Gathered vibrant dynamite blockhead
Demanding district be created in their image
The arcade happy bulb crater a profile of demands

Building displacement agreeable grit
First hand linen used up thrifting
Collectible experience worldly empowerment emporium
Pabst blue ribbon wash anarcho theorems
Sitting sidewalk fence couch sipping on energy like a bardo
Wondering how long does it take for a symbol to cliché
Should they order another it’s the cheapest thing special or move on
Could a cigarette be thrown through a smoke ring
Does the indie have enough asian  soul  european
Judges inculcating jurors on the lens to consider evidence with
Bear witness
When is it influence                  When is it appropriation
When is it invasion                     When is it occupation
Whose around
Overwrought anthem white people complaining about gentrification
Ordering lamenting vocabulary disguise disregarded identities coping mechanisms
Searching body for history Rush to outsider It wasn’t me We’re all victims
Siding with the struggle by decorating the neighborhood
The struggle is real let’s make it more comfortable

You got to be somewhere         It’s a very existential situation
It’s not a sin to want a sustained vision because actions have consequences
You’ve got to do something             It’s a very depressing and urgent situation
Filled with pale ale and rock & roll we prefer to steal a peep show

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Matt Clifford’s poetry has been recognized widely in publication in magazines and journals including Poets on Earth, Love Shovel Ranch and ALOC Media. His second book, Ballad of Todd Last Year is out now through Cherry Publications. He  is the poet laureate of the parking lot behind Denny’s in Westminster, Colorado. He plays bass for Black Market Translation. He was formerly the lead singer of KC and the Sunshine Band.

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