3 Poems by Michael Marrotti

A Contradiction Of The Doctrine

Free thinking
don’t cost a thing
come to think of it
it’s on the house

The negation
of asceticism
and display
of my appearance
may be of dubious
nature to you

But that doesn’t grant
you the right
regardless of how

To jump to the
that I need help
from the almighty above

I’m close to him
in this precise moment
the pills have taken effect
I’m soaring like George Soros

Be that as it may
I don’t deal well
with missionary

If you hand me
one more
of those self-help
biblical pamphlets

I will show you
how hostile I am
once the tranquility
of these pills
begins to wear off

Nothing New Tomorrow

Christ on a cross
I’m in need
of a ladder
this pedestal
of contempt
has my nicotine
stained fingers
reaching deep
inside a bottle

Low watt light bulbs
no comfort on
this once comfy couch
smearing shit
through the doorway
the threshold
is creaking

Another drag
off the Newport
define equilibrium
machinations of
an opinionated snob
reminds me of
my mother
only without
the gallons of vodka

The judge
slams the gavel
I picture her head
split wide open
married the same
woman twice
learning nothing
new tomorrow

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m stepping on
every crack
my Chucks
are fortunate
enough to touch

Cursing each
and every
liquor store
in my horizon

Sending out an
envelope of disdain
for her special day
that comes around
once a year

To remind me
of all the abuse
80 proof or
80% of the time
the rest were spent
on her random lovers
who would spilt
after a few weeks
fortunate mother

Driven to madness
lashing out
only to be put
in psychiatric care
when the straight jacket
should’ve been worn by you
it would’ve been
a better fit

You label me a monster
when I’m a product
of my environment
I’ve learned
how to deal with it
by following
the instructions
on the bottle
and adhering to the rules
of an imaginary
restraining order

The days
doused in vodka
insincerity of the heart
love trapped in a bottle
passionately emptied
into an abrasive soul
happy mother’s day
you earned it
bottom shelf vodka
enough is a enough

Michael Marrotti Bio Pic

Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh with a chemical imbalance and lack of patience. His writing has propagated the small press like chlamydia in Beechview. He’s been faithfully volunteering at the Light Of Life Rescue Mission for the past three years now, the man believes in action. His chapbook is available here. Email: michaelmarrotti@gmail.com
Punch Drunk Press is looking for submissions.

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