Pageant, by Steve Shultz

Who would make
such a flagrant
of affection

I would not
make the same
mistake twice
but moreover over & over

you would want
me pinned up
in a corner
back against the wall

I would wish
you the best
with teeth pressed
firmly against tongue

who would take
such a precious
from a soul

I would not
take two cents
yet not hesitate to take
advantage of my peace of mind

you would want me
suffocated in
a blanket of your best
curated dreams

I would still
be comforted
in your nightmare-
induced embrace

and I would sleep forever
knowing that I tried
I would keep my eyelids closed
knowing that I tried

Steve Shultz Bio Pic
Steve Shultz is a former journalist and current mail thrower with the United States Post Office. Though having an on-again, off-again relationship with poetry and writing in general, he has published two full-length books of poetry. Read more of his work at

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