Gracious Goes the Ghost of Me, by Daisy Vigil

how could i be a ghost
if i am not graceful and tumbling forward
inhaling, exhaling, panting, and out of breath
wounds healing, skin burning
and i still take everything so hard
my bones are shaking, winter chills me
but hasn’t taken its toll
i’ve barely made a mark
trudging through the snow
leaving tracks unfound
stagnant, but rippling through
treading water, nearly drowning
not ready to decay
my spirit has no soul to haunt
how could i be a ghost
if i am counting down the days
and you won’t let me disappear
Daisy Bio Pic

Daisy holds down two jobs while going to college. She occasionally signs up for open mics and tries not to run off the stage halfway through the first poem. By day, she helps kids learn to read and by night she makes pizza. She is a firm believer that at four in the morning, anything can be a bug.


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