News on Punch Drunk

Hey guys,

Last night was awesome. Matt Clifford killed it as our first feature showcasing a good mix of his work, including pieces from his new book, Ballad of Todd Last Year.

A few updates that came out of the open mic.

1. Mutiny Info Reader

Mutiny Info Reader is looking for submissions. This is a quarterly writing publication featuring local poets and writers. Please submit 1-2 pieces. Writing should be 1500 words or less and deadline is April 14. This is a great opportunity to showcase your best work. Send emails to and please indicate that you are submitting for the Mutiny Info Reader in your email.

Image result for mutiny info reader

2. Punch Drunk Press Submissions

Punch Drunk is officially a publisher now! Every month I hear a lot of great poems  at the open mic that I would love to put up on the site. Please submit them! It’d be great to use the site as a catalog of the people who come through the open mic each month. If you are submitting to this, please indicate you’re submitting to Punch Drunk Press. Include a bio and a photo if you’d like as well. Submit to More details can be found here.

3. Want to do a Punch Drunk poster?

Reach out! Punch Drunk is always looking to feature great work from local artists! Below are examples of the first four posters.

Thank you to everyone who has helped this community build momentum. It’s been a pleasure so far and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.



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